Hi I'm Meg. I'm a painter. If I were a color I’d be Cobalt Blue! 

I love Corgi’s and have two little guys. They are always underfoot, even in the studio. Clark my curious Corgi, usually comes out with smudges of paint added to his coat. When not in the studio, you’ll find me covered in dirt from the garden or volunteering somewhere. I consider myself blessed to work with so many of Chicago’s Finest Interior designers; being exposed to beautiful design in homes and business’s throughout my career has truly shaped my aesthetics. 

I’ve owned and operated a decorative arts company called Meg Fine Arts, LLC for 38 years now. (Don’t ask my age!) Early creative projects led me to pursue a fine art degree from Columbia College Chicago, where I received my B. A.

My latest collection of fine art consists of large-scale abstract paintings, using alcohol inks and acrylics. The work has been described as atmospheric and textural. My clients remark on the timelessness of my work, adding that they are perfect for a variety of environments. The work is imbued with an organic nature - some with my signature stencil treatment with many of the pieces suggesting a nod to Gustav Klimt - with mica and gold flakes, refracting light as they dance across the surface. 

Thank you for visiting my site. I welcome the opportunity to take commissions from a new audience for my work.

~ Meg


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